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All in the Family


Study in Contrasts


‘Latino Artists…


There may be no shelter below the belt at Shelterbelt


The bat/man rises again


Cherishing time, place and change


Great songs highlight “Man of La Mancha” at The Playhouse.


The Boy Who Becomes a Man Too Soon


See Pete romp. Hear good songs


A cool cat stomps

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Holy Black Widow, Batman!

An interdimensional rift has torn through the middle of Omaha, dragging heros and villains out of their comic book universes of Marvel and DC. Predictably, nothing good happens in this situation and in a room full of reporters just trying to get the scoop, one ends up dead.

This is the premise of the current Apollon production entitled "Holy Black Widow, Batman! DC vs. Marvel." Guests play the role of reporters...


New Horizons

Sorry, College World Series. You’ve captured the headlines and the heart of the Metro for two thrilling weeks in June, but the “Greatest Show on Dirt”? That belongs to Mother Nature.

For centuries, artists have been compelled to interpret the vistas found in local lands and far-flung places. Coastlines, mountain ranges, open valleys, meandering paths—all have provided fascination for those inspired by the earth....


A Dame Walks Into a Bar

John Rector’s new novel, Ruthless, is full of action. However, it is lacking a little in the suspense department.

Reading this novel was a bit like reading a choose-your-own-adventure book, but after you had already looked ahead and knew what was going to happen. Except you didn’t have to look ahead.

I don’t generally read noir, thriller type novels, but I was looking forward to this one because the writer lives...

Fresh romance-2

Janelle Asselin Talks Fresh Romance

Would you read a romance comic book? If you’re shaking your head, you might want to reconsider. Nebraska native Janelle Asselin recently launched Fresh Romance, a monthly digital romance comic magazine, and these are not your typical love stories.

Despite being quite busy with launching the magazine and doing the convention circuit, she was able to take some time out to answer a few questions we had about the...

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