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‘Nebraska Rising’


Fitting ‘Homage’


‘Eloquence in Stone’


To Kill a Mockingbird Lives


Must Be the Place


Summer Hothouse


Femininity In Many Forms


Calling Bullsh*t


River Access


Something Bold, Something New

Homeless mammoths

Tremors in a college town

With a play title of Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England you might expect a trek into science fiction or echoes of Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth.  

But rather, as you’ll learn in SNAP Productions’ staging of Madeleine George’s script, it has something to do with a questionable exhibition in a small college town’s natural history museum, subject of an emerging local crisis.

Most on exhibit, though,...


Shea Wilkinson: Homo roboticus

Shea Wilkinson is a fabric artist from Nebraska. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the UNO in International Studies and German Language she traveled to Mexico to teach English. Here is where she discovered her passion for art. She has had her art exhibited near and far and won the James Renwick Alliance's Chrysalis Award for a distinguished emerging artist in 2016. The Fred Simon Gallery will be displaying her...


Shadows loom over memory lane.

In 1988 a dark, cynical, off-beat and comic movie about high school kids behaving badly garnered rave reviews from critics but was a floperoo at box offices. Then Heathers became a cult smash.

Hey, gang, what about adding some songs and dancing and stuff? Zoom forward to 2014. Off-Broadway-goers think a musical version is swell. Da Da. Heathers: The Musical takes the stage. It rocks.

You might wanna check this out...


‘Terra Firma’

Now in his seventy-fifth year, artist Keith Jacobshagen has been setting the terms in which Midwestern landscape painting is created and discussed for several decades now.  It is therefore appropriate that Terra Firma, the exhibition on view at Gallery 1516 until June 12, begins with one of his works.

The 2003 oil on canvas” Salt Valley, Late Spring” hangs on the wall just inside the gallery’s front door, under the...

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