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Park Avenue Pride


The survivor in a terrorized society speaks.


Heavy Metal Magic


Our Town is Must-See




After the funeral, a second dead man can still speak


Artists! Sustain Thyself!


Double Vision


Being afraid of big bad wolves


Our Town

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Major Major

Evan Major is a painter and muralist whose works have appeared in various locations around town over the last few years, including the bar Eat the Worm, the restaurant Block 16, and the pop-up gallery Project Project. 

In the case of the latter, Major followed up on his show of paintings in November 2014 with a mural that has all the characteristics of his style:  brash in terms of color, suggestively biomorphic in...


Don’t Tell Mama

“Leave your troubles outside. Life is disappointing.  Forget it.” That’s what the sleazy Emcee says.  You know that he’s trying to con you. Outside, in the dark night and dark day, Berlin is turning ugly and brutal. Within the walls, Sally Bowles is becoming frantic and Cliff Bradshaw fears the black swastikas flourishing. Moreover Fräulein Schneider worries about broken windows if she encourages courtship from...

Beauty-snake cangshu gran web


Ten emerging artists will have the opportunity to help themselves while fundraising on behalf of the UNO Art and Art History Department. Friends of Art, a support group for the department, will host ARTSLAM+, Wednesday, April 8, 5:30-9 p.m. at Bancroft Street Market, 10th and Bancroft St.

Participating artists include: Adam Dienst-Scott, Cangshu Gran, Kristin Hansen Cain, Darcy Horn, Courtney Kenny Porto, Reggie...


Hold On to Your Hats

            The Candy Project has returned after a long hiatus to present its latest offbeat show, Gutenberg! The Musical! at The Pizza Shoppe Collective in Benson. The show revolves around two friends, Bud and Doug, who have a passion for musical theatre. As such, they’ve written an important new show about Johann Gutenberg and the invention of the printing press; a show they hope to one day take to Broadway. To...

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