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Once Upon a Time or Two




Hot Shops Art Center


Handmade Omaha


Katie Travis’ Dream Role


Glimpses of aging nudity on stage


Meaty matters


Paths of mystery, maybe of magic


Twisted Tales


Universal Solvent


Questions about faith, hope and love. Is there a greatest?

It looks as if there is a new trend in contemporary theatre: dealing with religion. 36 year old Lucas Hnath may be the guiding light behind that. His script The Christians has received a lot of attention as well as praise, getting people to realize that there is something about the subject and the issues worth dramatizing. Hnath says he finds that other playwrights have been prompted to start exploring such ideas.


City of angels

Catching all the angles

There comes a time when you need some good laughs, considering how you could feel as if you’ve been walking down a dark hall with your flashlight full of dead batteries. That could be when you take a load off your tired toes and squeeze into a seat at the Playhouse. Why not give yourself a break, pal, chortling or guffawing when you’ve a mind to, maybe giving those digits a little movement tapping along to jolly...

Pink chair study (22x44) 2600

Remodeling Project

Open any fashion magazine and you’ll see them: models. Those beautiful glamazons who play a beguiling role in the shaping of our wants, desires and aspirations. In our quest for magnificent purses, perfect glossy hair or hot cars; for leaner bodies, cooler friends and a better life.

The marketing and consumer goods industries have become masters at selling us by crafting a very specific visual culture built around...

Depth and dimension.

The title of Mike Bartlett’s play Cock, now alive and kicking at SNAP Productions, suggests something genital, wouldn’t you say?  Toss aside such simple expectations. And, despite so many proliferating plays about gay men, this covers new ground, even if the question of identity is at the center.

The heart and soul of the vividly worded 90 minutes deal with love and commitment while probing the idea that sexual...

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