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‘Treasure Island’


‘Every Direction is North’


A Survivor of Murderous African Civil War Finds Refuge In America


Ginsburg, Hatfield and Smith


‘A Hex, A Hoax, A Guest, A Ghost’


Swing State


Have a little priest


Cutting EDGE Design


Once Upon a Time or Two




Meaty matters

The Government, which sets standards for such things as GMOs, eventually gets around to prohibiting eating meat altogether. Don’t dare ask why. Citizens have to learn to love their legumes. Call on cauliflower. Zing in on zucchini. Embrace broccoli. Tough tomatoes for those for whom veggies are not their things. But what the hell else can they consume at meal times if flesh is supposed to be cut out?  

A few...


Paths of mystery, maybe of magic

Wandering through alien spaces, you may wonder where you’ll be taken. Be aware that, within one fragment of an evening, seemingly bizarre events materialize. Kimono-clad guides guide you. Look over that shoulder. Slowly. Don’t shatter the spirit, shake the spirit. Mirrors gleam, candles glow, chimes shimmer, voices sing. Wanting to say something.  Perhaps you have to decide what that is. But this is not Halloween,...

Twisted fairy tales

Twisted Tales

Cinderella, Maleficent, Snow White, the Evil Queen, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, the Seven Dwarves, Rumpelstiltskin and many, many more beautiful, mysterious and wicked characters have filled stories of our lives passed on in various forms. “Once Upon a Time: Twisted Fairy Tales features a new roster comprised entirely of female artists. The fairy-tale inspired group exhibition will provide a platform for...

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Universal Solvent

Mixing art with science to help preserve one of our five basic elements may strike some as a bit odd.

Yet that is exactly the solution offered in Kaneko’s current, extensive exhibition, aptly titled Water. The exhibit doesn’t pretend to be a fix to what constitutes a global problem. Instead, in its own words, Water “examines the creative solutions artists, scientists and nonprofits develop to solve issues of water...

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