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More IN Than OUT


She’s Having Nun of It


Summer Camp


River Runs Through It


‘The Dark & Stormy’


‘You Are Here’


‘Brandon Ballengee: Collapse’


Photo Synthesis


‘Pop Meets Street’


Holy Black Widow, Batman!

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Local Color

Art Seen: A Juried Exhibition of Artists from Omaha to Lincoln opens June 21st at Joslyn Art Museum.  Consisting of artists living and working in our region today, this exhibit promises to be a wide-ranging look at the vibrant and expansive works being created here in Nebraska. Subjects range from personal narratives to social issues and contemporary approaches to painting, sculpture and fabric.

37 artists are...


Need a Summer Escape Plan?

Sitting in a room smaller than the typical living room, decorated in black, white, red and gray, the thought of trying to escape such a place is somewhat underwhelming. How hard could it be? It’s disarming to think that one could be trapped in a room with three windows and a television. The only signs that this is not a typical room are the video camera in one corner and the very small, laminated sign between a set...


One Man’s River Journey

For anyone who enjoys going to the river at all, Canoeing the Great Plains is a great summer read. Heck, even if you hate the river, Patrick Dobson’s story just might win you over.

In his first book, Seldom Seen: A Journey Into the Great Plains, Dobson began to tell the tale of how his journey through the Midwest started 20 years ago when he left the front porch of his home in Kansas City, Mo. Canoeing the Great...


A popular show pops, sparkles and shines.

You’ve no doubt heard that Mary Poppins The Broadway Musical is full of magic. So you’ll be delighted to know that magic thrives in a new production of it at The Rose Theater. Witness magical ensemble dancing and singing in a delightful array of costumes amid wonderfully inventive sets. Plus, the 27 member cast and the 13 musician orchestra led by Kevin Smith make the best songs charm and delight.

Those songs come...

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