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Jewish Cousins Battle at Barn


‘Midwestward’ Bound


Faith, Hope and Love


‘Brand New’ at New BLK


Lead Actor Sam Lips Talks ‘Pippin’


Wearable Wonders


Get Real at MAM


Secret Garden


‘I Heard She’s a Feminist’


Contentiously Being Jewish.

Everything was silent

‘I Heard She’s a Feminist’

Omaha artist Courtney Kenny Porto may not be the political activist one normally associates with feminism, but that doesn’t prevent her and her art from drawing attention to what it’s like to be a female on a more social and personal level.

Porto’s current exhibit, I Heard She’s a Feminist, which opens at the Connect Gallery Mar. 4 and continues to the 28th, should leave little doubt in the viewer’s mind, despite...

Contentiously Being Jewish.

As it turns out, the new, sensational, national theatre hit, Joshua Elias Harmon’ Bad Jews has a title with a double meaning. And, although, it’s called a comedy, multiple layers surface, making it more admirable and significant than you might think at first.

Although two young adult cousins viciously and vociferously tangle over a family heirloom, other elements heat up within their antagonism. The core issue...

Crazy Days in The Hospital

What happens when the inmates take over the asylum? The answer lies in wait within Ken Kesey’s outstanding, brilliant and original 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. But, for Kesey, that was not the major question nor the impulse to write it. And, although he considered himself a countercultural link between the Beat Generation of the 50s and hippies of the 60s, he was not trying to make points about tuning...

Truckin ‘n Singin’ Down Texas Way.

Omaha Community Playhouse has come up with a thoroughly audience-friendly production. Hands on a Hardbody reaches out and brings you up close and personal with people who might seem to be your neighbors. They represent Texans but, since there are Omahans within those simple clothes, you might even know them.  Then too, the cast members mingle amid you as at a real event, where you sit on bleachers rather than in a...

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