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Being afraid of big bad wolves


Our Town


Silken seams proclaim and protect


There is nothing like this Dane.


Office games get serious


Shakespeare as you could like it


Don’t Tell Mama


Irish Ghost Story


Bitchiness sizzles not far from beach


Jesus Christ Superstar


The Trojan Rabbit Flies Again

“There's simply not a more congenial spot, for happily-ever-aftering than Camelot.” They dine well there, eat ham and jam and spam a lot. As does Lancelot. (Apologies to Frederick Loewe.)  

I say! How did Spam get into Camelot? Did they serve canned meat at the Round Table? Certainly they had can openers. To get out of their armor. But Armour foods had nothing to do with that ham by- product. That was Hormel. 



As the clothes are stripped off, the laughter cascades

“Snap!” could be the sound of a garter being fastened. Or unfastened. Or it could be the unhooking of a bra. You’re likely to hear such sounds; SNAP Productions is offering a comedy about English women stripping. Older women. Doing so for good causes, you see. Calendar Girls is about an actual Yorkshire charity project, a fundraiser, which, of course, also raised eyebrows.  

This is a comedy about middle-aged...



Maybe you tried to buy show tickets on Broadway a few years ago and discovered that only two hits demanded full price: Book of Mormon and ONCE. All the rest were half price and that’s about what you’ll pay now in Omaha to see this award-winning love story of the Irish musician and Czech immigrant. A half dozen groups that hand out accolades for the best musical picked this romance where the actors all play their...


After the funeral, a second dead man can still speak

You might contend that plays by Wallace Shawn are an acquired taste. He dwells in long conversations, words and thoughts from self-contemplative minds. In the case of the three souls revealed in 1996’s The Designated Mourner the ruminations subtly but gradually reveal some kind of perverted version of our own society. You may have seen the 1997 David Hare-directed film starring  Mike Nichols, Miranda Richardson, and...

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