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Lost boy

Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods

The title Lost Boy Found in Whole Foods may suggest something jocular or whimsical. But Tammy Ryan’s 2010 play of that name aims to be deeper and emotional.

In it, a white American middle-aged, clearly affluent single mom connects with a Sudanese Moslem immigrant working in the market and decides to make his life more meaningful, having him live with her and her teenage daughter. Social responsibility and...

Glimpses of aging nudity on stage

When 23 year old Marilyn Monroe posed for that now-famed calendar, such real revealed flesh was rarely readily visible. Historical hot stuff, eh? Time flies. She’d be 90 this year.  Guys, do you think you’d want to peek at her if she were here at that age?  

Yet, prurient interest never falters. So when a bunch of quite mature ladies decide to bare their stuff in a similar manner,  you can bet some males, knowing...


Meaty matters

The Government, which sets standards for such things as GMOs, eventually gets around to prohibiting eating meat altogether. Don’t dare ask why. Citizens have to learn to love their legumes. Call on cauliflower. Zing in on zucchini. Embrace broccoli. Tough tomatoes for those for whom veggies are not their things. But what the hell else can they consume at meal times if flesh is supposed to be cut out?  

A few...


Paths of mystery, maybe of magic

Wandering through alien spaces, you may wonder where you’ll be taken. Be aware that, within one fragment of an evening, seemingly bizarre events materialize. Kimono-clad guides guide you. Look over that shoulder. Slowly. Don’t shatter the spirit, shake the spirit. Mirrors gleam, candles glow, chimes shimmer, voices sing. Wanting to say something.  Perhaps you have to decide what that is. But this is not Halloween,...

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