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A popular show pops, sparkles and shines.


A legend flies at The Rose.


The Trojan Rabbit Flies Again


As the clothes are stripped off, the laughter cascades




After the funeral, a second dead man can still speak


Being afraid of big bad wolves


Our Town


Silken seams proclaim and protect


There is nothing like this Dane.


Enveloped in fear

You might think that another American buffalo is stamping its feet in new grounds, given Theresa Rebeck’s Mauritius. It’s about an object just as prized as a rare nickel which menacing, foul-mouthed nasty guys want to cop. And, goddamn, one of them is some kind of psychopath. Hold on, Phil, such plans of mice and men may go awry. Two dames who’ve got the item are not as mousy as you might think.

The background on...

In The Bones

Playwright Cody Daigle is back. He returns about 15 months after his In the Bones materialized at the Great Plains Theatre Conference. Follwing the premiere in Queens, NY last November, about which Stage Buddy wrote  “A truly moving piece of stagecraft,” SNAP snapped it up for production here.

A suicide is at the core; a soldier who fought in Afghanistan fights guilt and depression and, by opposing, ends them....


Summer Camp

“Sumer Is Icumen In." So goes a famed medieval English song (aka the “Cuckoo Song”) whose words are in the Wessex dialect. This summer hear and see no evil when another kind of sex takes over the stage sheltered from harm, seeded and shaded by Shelterbelt Theatre. It’s Thank You for Being a Friend, a cuckoo, deliberately gay musical.  This trip to summer camp has a book by Nick Brennan, lyrics by Luke Jones and...

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Holy Black Widow, Batman!

An interdimensional rift has torn through the middle of Omaha, dragging heros and villains out of their comic book universes of Marvel and DC. Predictably, nothing good happens in this situation and in a room full of reporters just trying to get the scoop, one ends up dead.

This is the premise of the current Apollon production entitled "Holy Black Widow, Batman! DC vs. Marvel." Guests play the role of reporters...

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