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Don’t Tell Mama


Irish Ghost Story


Bitchiness sizzles not far from beach


Jesus Christ Superstar


Crazy Days in The Hospital


Circle Theatre gathers around The Vagina Monologues


Jewish Cousins Battle at Barn


A vehicle for C & W-type songs at Community Playhouse






Silken seams proclaim and protect

Back in the early 19th Century when Little Miss Muffett abandoned her tuffet, foregoing her curds and whey, few people had ever heard of arachnophobia. And for many decades such creatures were despised and destroyed. Yet ancient Asian cultures cherish them as sacred guardians of homes and hearths. After all, spiders subsist on disease-bearing flies.  

In 1952 E.B. White came up with a story for young people about a...

There is nothing like this Dane.

TV actor Andrew Rally, down on his luck, despising how he’s had to pay for rent and meals by playing opposite a hand puppet in ads for Trailburst Nuggets breakfast cereal, yearning for a serious role, gets a shot at playing Hamlet in New York. But, to be or not to be the melancholy, nutty Danish prince, he’s not sure he’s up to it. Fortunately, he gets help from one of the great Hamlets of all time, John Barrymore....

Office games get serious

“In the jungle, you must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8.”  So goes a Chris Van Allsburg rule in his book Jumanji where kids play a game loaded with perils. Omaha playwright Jeremy Johnson’s world- premiering script takes many of those words and spins the wheel of fortune to look inside the boxed-in confines of an insurance company office where previously good-natured colleagues discover darker corners which they...

Shakespeare as you could like it

Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It takes the stage at UNO. Yes, one of those titles that tells you so little you must rack your brain to remember who does what with whom and where.

Clarity, perforce: In the Forest of Arden, to which exiled Rosalind and her life-time dearest friend and cousin Celia hit the trial. Disguised as guys. Big surprise. Once amid the leafy glades, Rosalind is courted by another exile,...

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