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A Glorious Quest


Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill


Enveloped in fear


In The Bones


Summer Camp


Holy Black Widow, Batman!


A popular show pops, sparkles and shines.


A legend flies at The Rose.


The Trojan Rabbit Flies Again


As the clothes are stripped off, the laughter cascades

Shelterbelt theatre

There may be no shelter below the belt at Shelterbelt

The term “singularity” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity) suggests a potential for science fiction or, alternatively, a look into real things to come. Mathematicians and physicists use that word to posit that, as technology keeps moving forward, so too will changes in human life and that human behavior, as we know it now, might cease to exist, possibly as early as 2030. Spinning off from this...

The bat/man rises again

In 1897 when Irish author and theatre manager Bram Stoker wrote his now world-famous novel Dracula he certainly had no idea how deathless his creation would become. Actually, he wasn’t breaking new ground writing about a centuries-old creature emerging from a soil- packed coffin to roam the earth in search of other people’s blood to sustain him. Going back as far as 1819, other authors had written tales about...

The grown up

The Boy Who Becomes a Man Too Soon

Blue Barn Theatre embarks on its new season in a new place with a fresh play exploring time and space, The Grown Up by Jordan Harrison. Not science fiction, the 2004 script delves into fantasy. A 10-year-old boy named Kai opens a door and finds himself in other dimensions, dimensions of shadows and substance, things and ideas. He steps into his future, Rod Serling-like, as a science fiction writer and as a gay...

Pete the cat

A cool cat stomps

That first day of school. Uh-oh. Oof. Ow. MA!

The blue cat walks into that ‘nother, no-mother world away from home, oh gosh! and finds himself stepping lively into all kind of crazy colors and sights. Sing something, Pete. Dance. Those other kids might join in. It could be fun. Classmates, huh? Yep, maybe with all those hues and cries you-all can form some kind of rainbow coalition. 

Pete the Cat, the Musical take...

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