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‘Life in Color’


Banner Year Celebration


‘Horses of Honor’


Fiber Optics


Shea Wilkinson: Homo roboticus


Creature Feature


‘Treasure Island’


‘Every Direction is North’


Ginsburg, Hatfield and Smith


‘A Hex, A Hoax, A Guest, A Ghost’

A year of lies preview

Vote Vargas!

Every four years, the US voting public gets treated to a form of spectacle unmatched elsewhere in the world in the form of our presidential election. The 24/7 news cycle especially provides an endless stream of coverage destined to entertain, inflame, and possibly inform the electorate about those seeking our highest government offices.

None of the humor, paradox and satire that has become part and parcel of this...


Vinton $treet Venture

Project Project, an experimental space on Vinton Street in South Omaha that focuses on promoting and enhancing the experience of art, music and lectures in the community, is hosting its 2nd Annual $100 Art Sale fundraiser on Friday, June 10 at 7pm.

Featuring a wide variety of work from across the country, the $100 Art Sale helps to fund the DIY mission of saying "yes to as many artists as possible,” said Joel Damon...


migration (empire)

Doug Aitken’s migration (empire), 2008, is focused on the idea of what happens when human and animal worlds collide. In the video the artist places animals in a paradox by exposing them to the human world. The video was shot in motel rooms. The animals were removed from their natural habitat and brought into this human environment. This twenty-four minute video comprised of surrealist vignettes begin to reveal each...


Opposites Still Attract

Hothouse, Darger HQ’s next exhibition in June, continues the venue’s duo exploration of artists who complement each other while working aesthetically diametrically opposed. Darger HQ founder/director Launa Bacon also favors such paradoxical collaborations that feature artists with diverse backgrounds.

Elizabeth Kauffman, assistant professor at Maryland’s Salisbury University and Luke Severson, ceramics instructor...

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