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‘Sealed with a Kiss; 2005-2010’


‘Between the Lines’


Window Painting


Roll Over Beethoven


Major Major




Paper Products


Palette Pleasing


Fabric of Our Lives


Shock of Hair

Animutts-blue lady

‘Art in Motion:’

In a world filled with YouTube, Vine, Vimeo or whatever the latest and greatest source of shared video, it seems increasingly odd that we don’t get to see much in the way of anything calling itself Video Art in the Metro.

Vinton Street seems to be coming to the rescue, first with R.T. Murphy at Project Project in April, followed by Gallery 72 with its upcoming offering Art in Motion: Animations by the AniMutts,...

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Park Avenue Pride

Fresh off community-based art projects in North Omaha in the last three years, artist Watie White is ready to launch his latest effort on behalf of Midtown, specifically in the Park Avenue area.

On May 17, a mural, 80’ tall and 40’ wide and created by White, will be unveiled on the north face of the Park Ave Tower, 1340 Park Ave. It will take place in conjunction with a neighborhood block party from 2-5 p.m....


Heavy Metal Magic

Pete Wroblewski’s latest bronze sculpture exhibit opens at Connect Gallery, 3901 Leavenworth, May 5th with a reception May 15th 5-9 p.m.

Wroblewski’s long-time production of figurative work continues in this venue until May 30, with the added use of descriptive words (ex: languid and attitude) to enrich the resulting approach. 

Starting with sketches on paper, his ideas are then realized in either clay or wax....

Rsz gilmer image 2

Double Vision

The artist and gallerist Rob Gilmer created his alter ego Dressor Newton as a vehicle for asking questions as well as exhibiting new work. How is our response to a work of art shaped by our sense of the artist who created it?  How much do the conventions of art affect our view of the world around us?

Gilmer and Newton (the boundaries between the two are still being negotiated as of this writing) surfaces again at...

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