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A duck tale delight.


Catching all the angles


Depth and dimension.


An immersion in power and talent.


Peering into the sunlight and shadows within Cloud 9.


Tricky Dick at Barn


Portraits of the artists as no longer young


Entertaining and Educational


Theatre magic for all ages at The Rose.


The wild, wild mid-West


Mystery proliferates in a bar not far from echoes of 9/11 .

There could be ghosts inhabiting abandoned floors above the Yankee Tavern. And the story of its previous owner who may have killed himself could add to the gloom and a sense of mystery.  As the door swings open, you peer into the narrow confines of a place where conversation ranges far and wide regarding the awful event not far away on the sidewalks of New York. 9/11 is the main topic. Conspiracy is the theme that...


Beertown Goes Flat

Beertown was so ponderously bad in the early going that I thought of ducking out at intermission.  So what kept me from leaving the Omaha Community Playhouse?

Well, there’s the problem of writing a review. And there’s the slim hope that this hodge-podge of scripted theater and the promise of a more interactive second act will do what this eternal optimist prays for: Please let them win me over before it’s over.


Lady Day in dark light

If you feel that you have been acquainted with Billie Holiday and want to know her better you might want to venture deeper at Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill in Crossroads Mall. There you will hear superb singing of famed parts of Billie’s performing career by Tiffany White-Welchen in a production staged by Gordon Cantiello for the Omaha debut of his Performing Artists Repertory Theatre. You can also hear...

Off the wall, heading into new dimensions.

You may howl with laughter, bursting at the seams, as The Singularity by Crystal Jackson unfolds, refolds and expands during Shelterbelt Theatre’s take on it. Director Beth Thompson and a pitch- perfect cast have nailed it to the wall, the signpost up ahead, crossing over into yet another twilight zone.

Jackson’s well-honed satire could be called science-fiction, given that science-fiction is often a look into...

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