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Swing State


Once Upon a Time or Two


In Her Court


Humor & Homage…


Humor & Homage…


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Models of Imperfection

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Swing State

Anniversaries are an occasion for both looking back and ahead. Recapturing fond memories, learning from the past, planning for a future.

In 2016, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts enjoys its 35th year as an organization, and has opened its annual exhibition season with Time + Space: Beginnings, which considers its early years as well as its evolution as a visual arts laboratory by featuring work of past...


Once Upon a Time or Two

Two art exhibits using a common theme opened in the Metro area for April; RNG Gallery in Council Bluffs with Once Upon a Time: A Twisted Fairy Tale and Hot Shops in Omaha, with a more traditional take called Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales and Children’s Rhymes. This hands local viewers an interesting, perhaps even inevitable comparison of the two very different approaches.

For the former, Random Arts Omaha, a new...

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In Her Court

There is a lot going on in the works of Omaha-based artist Erin Foley that are currently on display in the Moving Gallery’s Gallery of the Zodiac space in the Old Market.  In some of these minimal, geometric paintings, what’s going on is quite specific, however hidden from the viewer it might be.

The four “groove” paintings, for instance, are not just lively works that in their angularity and shifting textures are...

Qwist and maja 3

Humor & Homage…

Over time, each new wave of artists has searched for novel venues to pitch their innovative visions to the public. In mid-19th century France, the Acadamie des Beaux Arts held reign over art’s definition.

When Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, Degas and others joined forces to share their “en plein air” paintings, they were rejected by the state-sanctioned Acadamie, so a French photographer, known as Nadar, offered his...

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