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Humor & Homage…


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Models of Imperfection

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Memories R US

Art is the communication of what a society thinks, experiences and feels. In our history we’ve had everything from religious figures to Campbell’s soup cans become iconography that explain our time and place.

It’s no accident that our collective memories have been shaped by images over time-whether painted and hung on a wall or sent by satellite onto a TV set. The image explains our thoughts more than words often...

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Models of Imperfection

“The ideal man does not exist…but beware of men without ideals...”

                                                                 Sociologist Lauk Woltring

Striving to be something non-existent may seem contradictory, let alone pointless, but hope springs eternal every Valentines Day and presidential campaign.

Then reality sets in and those models of behavior we search for and aspire to begin to lose their...

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Crowd Sourced

Lincoln artists Byron Anway and Jordan Buschur must love a good crowd. Each focuses on the psychological and compositional possibilities of volumetric quantities, whether of people or things. Mass In, an exhibition of their recent paintings, is now on view at the Nebraska Arts Council’s Fred Simon Gallery through March 4.

Anway’s subject matter draws on crowd dynamics, with paintings and watercolors inspired by the...

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In cyber world, your profile is an array of metadata. It describes you through user names, preferences, posts, tweets, likes and shares. And it is through the public recording of personally meaningful events, photos, and lists that an online persona forms a kind of self-portrait.  

Few of us are just one thing—not solely our job, relationships, economic status or religious affiliation. In fact, each of us is a ...

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