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Spice of Life


Street Smart


Think Pieces


Three Course Meal


‘Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling’


Glass Act


Mind Escape


Animal Magnetism


Study in Contrasts


Dream Weaver


Study in Contrasts

A new exhibition of works by two Creighton University fine arts alumni—Antonio Jacob Martinez and Tupac Martir—recently opened at the Lied Art Gallery on August 29. It is described as multidisciplinary, but it is best understood as a study in contrasts by artists who use light and shadow as their principle media.

Photography, it is said, is the art of fixing shadows. Although there are fewer practitioners of...

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Dream Weaver

Most of us are happy to remember bits and pieces of our dreams long enough to share them soon after awaking.  We usually struggle with words to convey their bizarre settings and strange characters.

Paul Otero, photorealist and graphite artist, has not only long term recall of his dreams, but also the exacting artistic language to communicate hallucinogenic, yet realistic, details on paper. In fact, he has made a...


‘Vertical Disintegration’

Vertical Disintegration, a moving installation by Lakota-born, Omaha artist Sarah Rowe, closed last weekend with a ritual burning of visitors’ notes of prayers and wishes that were part of the month-long exhibit.

Vertical Disintegration highlighted critical and current dilemmas in today’s society—the growing economic divide between the rich and struggling people, as well as the encroaching environmental...

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Gonzo Comic Artist

Any metropolitan arts community loves a good outsider artist. With their outré viewpoints and influences, they entrance us with fresh ideas born in a seemingly mystical, distant land located about 43 miles outside the city limits. It comes out of the blue like a twenty in a Wal-Mart parking lot. 

Now, what do you do with an outsider artist from, gasp, Papillion? Whitebread, cul-de-sac, suburban nightmare Papillion....

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