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Droid Dreams


Double Your Pleasure


Power Play


‘Terra Firma’


Swing State


Once Upon a Time or Two


In Her Court


Humor & Homage…


Humor & Homage…


Remodeling Project


Humor & Homage…

Pink chair study (22x44) 2600

Remodeling Project

Open any fashion magazine and you’ll see them: models. Those beautiful glamazons who play a beguiling role in the shaping of our wants, desires and aspirations. In our quest for magnificent purses, perfect glossy hair or hot cars; for leaner bodies, cooler friends and a better life.

The marketing and consumer goods industries have become masters at selling us by crafting a very specific visual culture built around...

20160204 195009

Memories R US

Art is the communication of what a society thinks, experiences and feels. In our history we’ve had everything from religious figures to Campbell’s soup cans become iconography that explain our time and place.

It’s no accident that our collective memories have been shaped by images over time-whether painted and hung on a wall or sent by satellite onto a TV set. The image explains our thoughts more than words often...

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Models of Imperfection

“The ideal man does not exist…but beware of men without ideals...”

                                                                 Sociologist Lauk Woltring

Striving to be something non-existent may seem contradictory, let alone pointless, but hope springs eternal every Valentines Day and presidential campaign.

Then reality sets in and those models of behavior we search for and aspire to begin to lose their...

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