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Street Smart


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Three Course Meal


‘Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling’


Glass Act


Mind Escape


Animal Magnetism


Study in Contrasts


Dream Weaver

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In cyber world, your profile is an array of metadata. It describes you through user names, preferences, posts, tweets, likes and shares. And it is through the public recording of personally meaningful events, photos, and lists that an online persona forms a kind of self-portrait.  

Few of us are just one thing—not solely our job, relationships, economic status or religious affiliation. In fact, each of us is a ...


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‘Letterpress Mentor’

UNO Art Gallery’s current exhibit, Harry Duncan as Letterpress Mentor, celebrates an artisan movement that applauds the handmade, limited productions of local artists using a process and an aesthetic that hearken to times bygone.

On exhibit until Feb.11 both at the UNO Art Gallery and the Criss Library, the show honors Harry Duncan, poet, letterpress publisher, and former UNO book arts professor on the anniversary...

Gallery 4

Mental Mapping

Landscapes as an art genre in general are pretty boring. The green plants, the vastness, the clichés of Bob Ross, and the implied narratives associated in the “changing of the seasons.”

Yet German photographer Frauke Bergemann’s exhibition Landscape – a distance quite close at the Garden of the Zodiac until Jan. 21, borrows this seeming pedestrian subject, pictorializing evidence that there is something left to...

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