L A T E S T   M U S I C

Rockin’ Blues & Roots

Texas blues-rockers Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat hit The 21st Saloon Thursday, April 24, 6-9 p.m. Suhler is an accomplished guitarist and bandleader who showcases the depth of his musical talents in his latest CD Panther Burn (Underworld Records), released in February. There is plenty of rockin’ guitar, but just like with his live shows, guitar solos are only part of the mix. Panther Burn embraces a variety of roots...

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L A T E S T   F I L M

Slipping Mickey

Gather ‘round kids and hear a story from the days of yore, a time when artists drew cartoons with their actual human hands and not every children’s movie had covert sex jokes for ma and pa to chuckle at. It was a time before everything was glossy and smooth, before Pharrell and his hat dropped feel-good funky dance beats over computer animation in an attempt to market a soundtrack to a wider demo.

Ernest &...

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L A T E S T   A R T S

(Altar)native Art

Somewhere between Picasso and Pop something new developed in the art world. Something spiritual and somewhat taboo, a fringe movement that makes you stop and think whether or not you should worship or wonder in amazement if this is even art. Sweatshop Gallery’s latest show, Artist’s Shrines and Reliquaries, suggests that spirituality and art can coexist initiating a provocative dialog between the two.


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L A T E S T   C U L T U R E

Expect plenty of booms at Louder Than a Bomb youth poetry festival finals

In the hybrid realm of slam poetry, where free verse, theater, oral storytelling and forensics converge to make a verbal gumbo, personal expression rules.

Impassioned teen anguish stirs the pot to create a heady brew during the Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB) Great Plains Youth Poetry Festival. After weeks of competition, the team finals throw down April 17 at 7 p.m. at the Holland Performing Arts Center.


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